There’s always something missing….

I’ve lived away from home long enough to know that the word “HOME” is not longer related to just one place…

My family always teases me because I grow attached to all the people I know… I can’t help it, I am a people person and I’ve been blessed enough to have found friends that are truly a big part of me and that I consider family!!!

I’ve been back at home for a week now and it has been great: holding my nephew for the first time, seeing my dad smile at me again, huging my brothers, telling all my stories to my sister in law and hanging with my mom while eating her delicious food… I’ve been happy as I can possibly be!!!! But… there’s something missing!!!

My new family is missing… my friends, my teammates, my roommates… all these amazing peope that I just have met…. they are missing!!!! and I wonder how is it possible that I feel their absense so much??

The answer to that question is : Family is not about blood, family is about love!!! And I feel extremely lucky to be loved and love back so many people in my life!!!! I am lucky to always be missing somebody because that means I am surrounded by unique and special individuals!!!!!

Happy Holidays to my beloved family, my incredible host family, my vancouver family, my mexican family, my baltimore family, my san francisco family, my teammates, my gang merced… and specially, happy holidays to my boys!!!!

You rock my world!!!!!!




For Christ Sake… We are just friends!!!!!!

I have had to say that sentence so many times in the past couple of months that it is starting to lose sense to me…

This is not new and it is a common reaction from people when I say I live with any of the boys… they absolutely always assume I am dating any of them!!! Why? Why is that? What is it that makes it so impossible to believe that we just share a roof?

With Brian, however, it is the craziest thing, because everybody… and I mean, EVERYBODY I know think we are dating or at least we did in one point.

Apparently I was not notified of the fact that girls and boys can not be close friends for a long period of time without falling for each other, not even mention living together. AND the fact that, THAT is exactly what’s going on between B and me (we are JUST friends) it seems outrageous and is driving everybody nuts.

I have to admit we have too much fun messing with people’s head… so sometimes we put up on shows just to keep them talking!!! We write things in each other’s facebook pages, we hug every single time we run into each other at school, we call each other with petnames such as: baby, sweetty, honey!!! It is quite entertaining actually to see how people gossip about you and you are for once in your life in total control and awareness of what they are saying.

Problem comes when the guy/girl we are interested in also thinks there is something going on… then we realize our little game to mess with people wasn’t that smart after all!! LOL

Truth is, my dear friends, I love this boy too much to mess it up with a relationship LOL, he is my family… so chill out and enjoy the fact that we might be the exception for the rule!!! There’s still hope in the male/female friendship world!!

So… we roll!!!

I am about to share with you some of the most private practices we have at home… Some of our guests have had the “weird” pleasure to see it happen, and believe me… it does not make any sense to them, but it is completely normal to us…

So, what do you do when you are living with other people and they tell you about their lives, thoughts and opinions about things?… What about if some of them are out of line? too private for you and they should keep it to themselves? what about if they are a little bit too disturbing or one your roomates goes too far? Most people tell the other person directly or just let it go, right? Well, not in this house…in this house, we roll!!!

It is common (sometimes TOO common) for me or the boys to say things that freaks each other out. When this happens (which happens in a daily basis), we “break” .

We have two types of “breaks”, a normal break and the “you really messed up this time” break.

For both types we have different reactions to let know each other that we went too far.

A normal break is when one of us said something out of line or a little bit disturbing. If this happens it is a MUST in our house to go to the livingroom, lay down on the carpet and roll… yes, roll!!!… we roll until we get the images or the comment out of our system.

Actually only one person has made the three of us roll at the same time, it was a guest we had the pleasure to have in our apartment a couple of weeks ago… and you REALLY don´t want to know what she said, but as soon as she said it, as if we had planned it, we got up our chairs, layed on the carpet and started rolling.  (We miss you, Ana)

For a “you really messed up this time” break, lets say one of us gives a little too much information about something or jokes with things that no normal person should joke about, we walk out of the apartment. YES, again, it’s not a metaphorical expression, we literally walk to the door and get out of the apartment.

One time it took Kyle so long to come back that we thought he had driven back to his hometown.

If you ask me why do we do this things… I wouldn´t know what to answer… I don´t even remember when or why we started doing it, but it has become our little “tradition”.

It  is actually a good thing because it  kills the ackward moment and allows us to move on with our lives, but for people who doesn’t get it, we might come up as really messed up people… and I do apologize in advance if you are ever a guest in our house and you see this going on… but, I guess now you would be able to understand and enjoy our little internal joke.

Thanksgiving Dinner… A little family drama!!

I come from a very united family and we are used to celebrate things together and just enjoy every chance we have to be around each other. I celebrate EVERYTHING!!! I even celebrate the tree day, I mean… we back at home are very happy people!!!

I´ve been a little homesick lately… I miss home a lot, and the whole situation with Kyle has made me really sad and sensitive… so I really needed to be around the people I love on a day like thanksgiving.

Brian, however, doesn´t believe in celebrations. He doesn´t even like his birthday (he has specifically forbidden me to buy him gifts on Christmas or make any kind of plans for his birthday, not even a cake), for him this things are stupid and he doesn´t see the point on doing them,  “I am grateful for having you in my life every day”, he said. “I don´t need an specific day to be thankful” he said.

The drama started when I announced I would be cooking dinner for us to share together as a family. He looked at me as if I was the craziest person on earth and said: “Sorry sweetty, I have a date”

What? He had a date? What did he mean with “I have a date”? It is thanksgiving day for Christ sake… arrrggg!!! He had to be kidding me!

I couldn’t believe he was about to leave me alone on thanksgiving for some random girl… so, of course, I put up a little drama.

V: “I can’t believe you are thinking about leaving me alone on thanksgiving…”

B: “Pffff… please, drama queen!!! save it… you know I don´t believe in those things”

V: “But I do and this is important to me… are you really doing this?”

B: “We don’t even have a turkey… what are you talking about? It’s a day like any other day, honey”

V: “No, it is not… and you are staying to have dinner with me”

B: “No, I am not. I have a date, V!”

V: “I don´t care… you’ll have dinner with me, eat freaking apple pie with me and THEN you can go to your date”

B: “Pffff… what? No way”

V: “So, you ARE doing this. Kick me when I am down, dude…. Kick me when I am down!!” (if your little drama is not working, always take it to the next level: GUILT)

B: “Are you seriously playing the guilty card with me?”

V: (Busted!! still keep it going!!) “No, it’s fine… I am getting used to it!”

B: “Fine, I’ll stay”

V: “Fine”

B: “But I am not happy!”

V: “I am not happy either. But we should be unhappy together!”

Because Family sometimes is about being together, even when we don´t want to be together 🙂

So he stayed! And I love him now even more because he stayed!!

I cooked for an hour and we (Kyle included) sat around 7 pm to eat the most untraditional thanksgiving dinner ever (Baked pasta, salad, Orange Juice and apple pie.) It makes total sense to me.

We are all MAD in here… But I couldn´t be any more thankful to live in this crazy apartment.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!! 🙂

Hard times coming our way….

I haven’t written in a while, probably because I have been busy with school and out of town for the last couple of days, but also probably because I am having problems finding a way to continue with the blog… The idea started with me telling you about all the adventures I’ve had with my two boys… but, it feels like we lost one in the way!!!

Don’t worry, everybody is fine!!! (That’s assuming I get home from my trip and my apartment is still clean and in one piece) but one of my boys got himself a girlfriend… or a girl friend… who knows? Who cares? Whatever relationship they are in right now, the thing is he hasn’t been around that much lately.

You see, the thing with boys and girlfriends is that, once the relationship starts they tend to forget for a little while who they really are and who are their friends. Their worlds become one thing and only one thing: it’s all about “her”.

Kyle is going through that stage right now and it’s taking him a long time to get over it.

I have nothing against this girl in particular, and I’ve been trying to make an effort and get along with her…but I can’t avoid resenting her for taking “my boy” away and that is the stage I can’t get over, that “empty nest” feeling where I don’t get to spend time with my friend anymore, I get ditched everytime she is around (and she is ALWAYS around) and it just feels like I am not important anymore to him.

Last week he was supposed to take me to the airport to catch my flight, he neither showed up or called me to say he couldn’t make it. I waited for him until I realized he wasn’t coming and called Brian. Fortunately B was able to take me.

I was so mad at him for so many days I even thought about moving out… we girls can get a little dramatic sometimes and I do tend to over react a lot, so it was good I was on a trip and had a chance to relax and think things through before I do something I was going to regret later. TRUTH IS I have had boyfriends and I’ve been a girlfriend myself so I understand the process and I know is just one of those things you just have to go through and do: act stupid, try to accommodate yourself to this new person, ditch your friends for a little while and just make your world turn around that only person.

But as Princess V… I miss my friend!!!! I miss my buddy whom I watched silly videos with, and snuggle in the couch while watching full house, and make silly jokes and restless as if we were brother and sister. I MISS HIM! And it hurts me that he does not see that… I guess I will just try to take it for a little bit longer until I can’t anymore…but I can see hard times coming our way….

Boys are Boys…

A couple of years ago, I lived in Baltimore for a little more than a year being an au pair for this amazing family. Au pair, for those of you who doesn’t know, means basically nanny, a family hires you to take care of their kids while they are at work and you live with them.

The reason why I am bringing this up is because… living with boys sometimes feels like being an au pair again.

Don’t get me wrong, my boys are incredibly thoughtful, organized and responsible around the house and also at school. I have no complains whatsoever, seriously! But… they ARE boys.

It always makes me laugh how Kyle makes me cook for him. (The only good food he ever eats is when I cook. Otherwise he will eat waffles, frozen pizzas, cereal and bagels for the rest of his life) He is GOOD, most of the time I don’t even realize he got me cooking until I am already cutting the chicken. This is how it usually goes:

-Kyle: Hey boo, are you hungry?

– V: mmm… I guess a little bit, what about you?

– Kyle: I could eat; do you want to have dinner with me?

– V: Sure, what do you want to eat?

– Kyle: Not pizza. Let’s make something.

– V: Ok, something like what?

-Kyle: Whatever you want. What do we have?

– V: we have chicken, beef and pasta. Oh… we have pasta sauce, but it has mushrooms on it and you don’t like them

– Kyle: (some random nonsense talking for like 15 minutes about mushrooms and how they are “mushroomnish”, whatever that means… I don’t even know if that’s a real word!)

-V: Boo, focus!

– Kyle: what are the options again?

– V:  Whatever…I’ll just make chicken.

– Kyle: sounds good, everything you make is always delicious!

Did you see what he did there? He started creating a need (I wasn’t even hungry until he mentioned it), then he made it a plan (let’s do it together… yeah, right!), then he distracted me talking nonstop without making any sense whatsoever until I cave in  and said I will cook, and then he wrapped it up with a compliment. I am telling you, he is good.

If you ask him, he would say that it is not fair because he is always willing to learn and I never teach him. That might be true, but I just don’t trust them in the kitchen and this is why:

Last Sunday we were all working hard on our assignments for school. Things are getting serious and we are getting busier by a second. I cooked some pasta and pasta sauce for dinner. While Brian was eating, he decided to cook some chicken for the next day.

He put some oil in the pot and put the pot on our gas stove. He was asking me if I wanted him to defrost some chicken for me as well so I could cook them in the morning, and then he said: “Oh, wait… you don’t have to defrost this chicken, you can cook it still frozen”. He threw the frozen chicken into the hot oil, ice made oil spark, sparks got into the fire on our gas stove… next thing I know: there are FLAMES OF FIRE IN MY KITCHEN!!!!

That is not even the worst part! We started freaking out (Kyle and me) and B grabbed the roll of PAPER TOWELS and tried to put out the fire using them. For a second I saw him all in flames. Kyle yelled at him and he dropped the paper towels before they caught on fire. Next thing he tried to do was open the window and throw the fire through the window (I know… I KNOW!).

Kyle ran to his bathroom to get some towels and I have to admit I was not helpful at all; I was just in shock watching all this madness going on!

B finally just turned off the stove and fire went down by itself. He is no longer allowed in the kitchen without adult supervision.

Truth is, yes… sometimes I feel like an au pair again! However, they do so much for me that I don’t really care going the extra mile for them, like packing lunch for Kyle so he can take it to school, or helping B clean the kitchen after the little incident with fire. For Christ sake, they just went to get me from a party yesterday at 2 am as soon as I asked and didn’t even give me a hard time about it.

When you live with people, especially with boys, you have to know that sometimes you have to give and just be there for them. If you do that, chances are that when you need them, they will run to your rescue without asking any further questions.

Call me Princess V…


Another thing that I have to say about living with boys is that: You become a princess! (And what girl doesn’t dream with being a princess?) Nobody told me how much my self esteem was going to boost, otherwise I would have done this earlier.

These boys treat me like I was a weird precious diamond from the Amazon and I have to admit I am enjoying every second of it.

Of course, most of the time they are just saying what they know I want to hear, like if they are talking about a beautiful girl in front of me, they will end whatever they are talking about by saying “Of course, no body is more beautiful than you”, or if I am beating myself up about something I did and I say “I am crazy” they would go and say “Yeah, crazy beautiful”; if I ask how I look, they answer: “You always look amazing” and when I did awful at my accounting test, they said “it is only fair, otherwise you would be good at literally everything” .

They have become so good at this that if I go out of the room to do laundry, they will tell me how much they are going to miss me and once I am back, they would say how awful it was to be without me.

It is funny because I know they are totally lying but it makes my heart skip a beat that they are willing to lie that much just to make me happy.

They even bought a box of light yogurt at Costco for me after I told them I wanted some but couldn’t afford them (YES, I am poor!!!) Then, when I told them I couldn’t accept the yogurts without paying for them, they told me yogurts were for them but they were willing to share some with me (Surprisingly, I am the only one eating them!)

B ditches dates to go with me to the movies and Kyle takes me to lunch on our “meeting each other” monthniversary.

Yeah, life is good at home!

Boys LOVE to have some fun at my expense as well, though. They will make fun of me and team against me without hesitating.

Like if B is messing with me, Kyle will support him and put some spice into the discussion. And both of them enjoy when they make me uncomfortable (sometimes they enjoy it too much), so they make weird noises or talk about disgusting topics in front of me, or ask me to have sex with them just for the sake of fun.

Once in a while I make it easy for them to make fun of me.

The other day I was coming home from school and I took the elevator in my building toward my floor, I was distracted with my phone texting (You should NOT text and ride elevators) and I got out when the doors opened, walked through the hall and got into my apartment, the door was opened. I looked around and everything seemed different, I couldn’t understand what was going on until a Chinese girl came out of a room and looked at me scared and confused. It WASN’T my apartment, I got off in the wrong floor and got inside somebody else’s apartment. I ran out and got back in the elevator ashamed, got into my real apartment and told the boys. No need to say they laughed at me for hours.

Just last week, I was going dancing with B (Kyle was in another party) and we were walking down the street and I was talking to him about sex for some reason, when a couple of people walked by us and out of nowhere B started yelling: “Stop following me around girl, I already told you, I am not having sex with you”. These four strangers stared at me like if I was a freak for God knows how long, and I wanted to dissapear. I laughed so hard and was so ashamed, I thought I was going to die or kill him, but someone was going to be dead for sure.

That’s the beauty of it, we laugh at each other, make fun of each other, joke, mess with one another, but we support each other no matter what, either we like it or not… and oh my lord,  most of the time i do not like the decisions these boys make… But it doesn’t matter! They know they can count on me (even if that means wearing red every Saturday to show your support towards your roommate and his football team) and I know I can always count on them… I LOVE living in my house…  Just imagine sharing an apartment with your two best friends… wouldn’t you like that?